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DELEHANTY HIGH SCHOOL - JAMAICA, NEW YORK`````````` January 27, 2003

Current Events - An Editorial
It's hard to believe that January 2003 is nearly over! We started this journey back in July 2000, when Classmates had something like 150 members from Delehanty and a Reunion and a Web Site were distant dreams. Today, in less then two years since we launched on the Web, our own little site has over 600 members and Classmates is approaching 1,000.

It has all been rather extraordinary for me, as I never envisioned getting involved in organizing a reunion or running a Web Site (a foreign word when we started), while working full time in Tokyo (since retired (temporarily) and currently in Australia). Go Figure!

I must say however that we have ALL done rather well. It may seem disappointing that there are not new messages posted every day but hey, let's face it, High School was a long time ago. Most of us have married (at least once), had children and actually survive in the real world every day (and weren't Mom and Dad right about that!). The facts are that many of you have indicted you visit the site at least once a week (current info survey) and there were over 70 replies to the Reunion Survey as well as 10 picks just this past week for Super Bowl XXXVII. We have 340 message postings in less than a year (current Board) and well over 1,100 since the site was launched (793 on the archived board). Everyone's participation is what makes the site work, so you are ALL to be congratulated for creating and supporting our Delehanty Community. ````````````````````````````````>>> Pg2

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The Next
The next All School Reunion is tentatively being planned for the Summer 2004. That may seem a long time away, but just think how quickly the last year (and the first month of this year) has gone by. If you have suggestions about venues, themes, entertainment, functions,or anything else just let us know. Official planning will probably start around the middle of this year, but any advance ideas or suggestions will be more then welcome. Use the Suggestion Box to submit your comments.

Are you ready for another PARTY?
We are still looking for New Members so don't forget to pass the Web Site Address along to others or send in a Locator Form if you know where someone is located. And visit the Suggestion Box if you would like to see something added to the Site