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I left N.Y. for sunny Florida and went to 2 more schools before graduation. Married in 1969,(that's what they do here in the south). Had twins, boy and girl in 1971. Another for good measure in 1973 and put that career to rest. Went to nursing school in 1975 and got divorced in 1979. Embarked on a music career as a musician, singer and songwriter. I put that career to rest in 1987 and have since been working as a correctional nurse in several prisons. My latest career has been that of grandmother. One of my best so far. Tragically my daughter-in law and infant granddaughter were killed in an accident the summer of 2002 and besides helping my son as much as I can with his 2 children, I have 4 other grandchildren who LOVE to come to Sashi's house and stay over.
I suppose it could be the time I came to school without my blouse. Wellllll. I was just waiting for it to come out of the dryer, so I put on my uniform jacket, and then because it was so cold, I put on my coat. It wasn't my fault I forgot about the blouse!!! The funny thing about it was that no one at school seemed that surprised when I took off my coat and went into this funny crouch as I realized the blouse was missing. Of course humilliation pervaded the trip home on the BMT to fetch the darn thing and get back to school!
Julie Lynn 31, Judge Bryan 31, Elizabeth 29
Grandchildren: Bethany 11, Taylor 9, Timothy 9, Shane 8, Austyn 7, Christopher 7.
I am a Correctional Nurse
one dog rescued from an abusive owner, part Doberman, part Shepard who loves me just as I am.
Favorite Teacher:
Mr. Calic. He must have done a good job. Many years later I had to call forth every bit of what he taught me so I could communicate with the inmates who "no speeka de englis"
Favorite Song:
All The Time....."All the time I thought, there's only me..crazy in a one else could be..I wish I'd know that you were somewhere too..thinking all along there's only you...( always helps to find out you're not the only one that didn't have a clue)
Favorite Movie:
South Pacific
Favorite Destination(s):
NYC--Spain(err,haven't been there yet lol)
Currently living in:
Special Interests:
LOVED the All-Deli Reunion in 01. Hope to see you all again.
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