PERSONAL PAGE FOR - Virginia (Ginny) Santoro - 1972
Grew up in South Ozone Park, Queens (St. Anthony of Padua Elementary School). After leaving Delehanty, went to St. John's University but didn't graduate. Ended up first at the Federal Aviation Administration/Air Traffic Control Division, then on to paralegal work at Chase Manhattan Bank, JC Penney Company, Schulte Roth & Zabel, and Wilke Farr & Gallagher, before relocating to South Florida (now living in Delray Beach). Single, no kids (except for Raisin, my sweet and frisky little Yorkshire Terrier...:) Currently semi-retired, consulting (administrative/accounting) to the fashion industry, after 8 years of co-ownership with my sister, Donna, of nail and skin care salon in Boca Raton. Working on getting my first book published (spiritual poetry).
Spanish with Mr. Loecker!!!! Where is Charlie Meusberger??? Actually, my very best memory of DelHi is how fortunate I was to win a scholarship to such a very different school. At a time when there was so much separatism and volatility, I was blessed to be in a school environment where the kids came from all over Queens, of different nationalities and races, and we had a ball in our own little world while everyone out there was so at odds with each other. Well... at least that was my experience.
N/A (What the heck?!?!?!?!)
N/A (Except for the aforementioned {{{Raisin}}}, all 5.5 pounds of him!
Consultant to ladies clothier in Boca Raton, FL (administrative/accounting)
Favorite Teacher:
Mr. Loecker
Favorite Song:
Of the time? Stairway to Heaven. Today? I'll Always Love My Mama (I've been listening to old disco CD's lately ~ what can I tell ya!) For real today? Love my Smooth Jazz.
Favorite Movie:
The Notebook (hopeless romantic that I am)
Favorite Destination(s):
California (is there a more beautiful place in America?) Mexico, Italy, Africa (someday)
Currently living in:
Delray Beach, Florida (land of record-breaking hurricanes)
Special Interests:
Piano, piano, piano... travel... poetry... card and board games... walking... theater/movies... essential oils... friends and family
Where are all my friends? Shout out to Marguerite Merola, Annette Tinervia, Betty Savarese (I'm been trying to find them forever!). I will love to attend the next reunion ~ please keep in touch with me, you guys...:)
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