PERSONAL PAGE FOR - Robert W. Pearsall - 1971
Went to St. John's University graduated with B.S. Computer Science. I went on for my MBA at NYU in Management/Marketing while working full time. I have been working in the applications development divisions of several Wall Street firms (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Pershing) managing front and back-office brokerage application development teams. I finally put my MBA to good use when I joined ADP's Brokerage Services Division which provides back-office service bureau operations for firms such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, etc. I review softeware firms for possible relationships or acquistions and integration into the current suite of products.
Putting James Gregory upside down head first into a garbage barrel filled with rain water from the leak in the gym ceiling and walking away. Taking the city bus for an hour to get to school (certainly the most vivid memory not necessarily the best).
Married 23 years to my wife Lissie (Liz). We met at Goldman Sachs, married and moved to her homeland of Puerto Rico for 2 years.
2 sons Michael 22 graduated from Fordham University and is now attending CIA Culinary Institute of America studying to be an Executive Chef and Robert 19 who is attending Western New England College studying Marketing.
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3 dogs Ozzie (after Ozzy Osbourne because of his bird retrieval skills) Chocolate Lab, Liam (After the terrorist played by Tommy Lee Jones in movie Blown Away) West Highland Terrier and Jericho (after the wrestler) Lhaso Apso. Obviously my sons named the dogs.
Favorite Teacher:
Ms. "I gotta get geared" Salvatti, Mr. "Q.E.D." Dobbins, Mr. "Excited Atom" McLeod
Favorite Song:
Hasta Ayer - Marc Anthony, Lose Yourself - Eminem
Favorite Movie:
Tommy Boy - Chris Farley, Seven - Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, & Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman
Favorite Destination(s):
New Hampshire, High Country of South Carolina, Salinas, Puerto Rico, London England
Currently living in:
Huntington, New York
Special Interests:
Skiing, golf, hockey, cooking, gardening, jazz, Broadway plays
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