PERSONAL PAGE FOR James Griffin - 1963
N/A N/A I got a B.A. from St. John's University and an M.A. from Wroxton College (Wroxton-Near-Banbury, Oxon. England) and in 1970 stumbled upon the most marvelous job which I have done more or less continuously ever since. For the NYC Bd of Ed I teach high school students who have a medical reason (which can be from a psychiatrist) to be taught at home. This is More...
Delehanty H.S. was a congenial place. I think my best memory of the school is that I was comfortable there and found the students and teachers congenial. It was a different world in those days, not better not worse just different, and I found it comfortable.
I divorced some ten years ago and remarried two years ago. My wonderful wife is Irene Catherine Junge who grew up in Hicksville--or the sticks as we referred to such places at Delehanty's. Irene and I live on the twenty-third floor of a building in Forest Hills and could see Delehanty H.S. from our balcony were it not hidden by the surrounding buildings. More...
My son Benjamin Elijah Griffin lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, stepson, and daughter--my granddaughter, Beatrice Rose Griffin, aged two. My daughter Emily Griffin lives in Middle Village, Queens (where Irene Catherine Junge was born before her family moved to the aforementioned sticks. More...
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Sure, why not?
Favorite Teacher:
There were so many, let's say Miss Smith. She taught me typing and no one else is likely mention her.
Favorite Song:
"Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go" by the Clancy Brothers, a popular folk group of the time
Favorite Movie:
"Groundhog Day"
Favorite Destination(s):
I would like to go to the South Pacific and South Georgia (near Antactica) and a hundred other places. We spent last Easter in Venice and it was beautiful.
Currently living in:
(Forest Hills--see above)
Special Interests:
One is Archaeology. I am chairman of the Bayside Historical Society Archaeology Committee. We have a remarkable exhibit of prehistoric Queens artifacts going back to 8,000 BC on display at the Officers' Club, Fort Totten, Bayside, NY.
Best wishes to one and all as we go forward to see what life will bring us.
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