PERSONAL PAGE FOR Jim Ferraro - 1963
N/A N/A I received a BA in Psychology from Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, N.J. Lived on campus, traveled home to Queens on odd weekends. After school I did 4 years for Uncle Sam (Florida, Alaska, and Missouri Bases). Returned to Florida after service in 72 to eventually meet my future wife in 74. We decided to move to the wife's Home State (N.H.) in 1976; we've been here ever since.
I enjoyed events we had in the gymnasium (lots of class spirit there) - the teachers were interesting: Mr. McCleod, Miss Salvati, Mr. Magers, even Mrs Merola (Spanish Teacher). I know there were many, but these came to mind right off the bat. I enjoyed Physics also - did some volunteer work for the Mikado Production we had. All was great fun then, and now to remember!
My wife Lilly and I just celebrated 25 yrs.
Two daughters, 23 and 21 - both continuing their education - not married yet, no grandchildren in the near future, but who can tell.
Been working for the Post Office in Manchester, N.H. for 19 years - I'm sure I will retire from there sometime in the next 10 years.
Two cats now - we had a few dogs in the past in our private home, now we live in a Condo (never really loved shoveling snow) - I can't remember when we didn't have cats.
Favorite Teacher:
Mr. McCleod (I enjoyed Chemistry very much)!
Favorite Song:
Enjoy downloading as many oldies as I can get my hands on - burn them and use them at work. So many favorites, it's hard to name only one. I liked the Flamingo's , The Drifters, and so many more.
Favorite Movie:
Forbidden Planet & The Day The Earth Stood Still (you can tell I like Science Fiction). I enjoyed Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings recently (awaiting the sequels).
Favorite Destination(s):
I too enjoyed the trips to Rye Beach (what a great time - wouldn't it be great to do those trips again)?
Currently living in:
Bedford, N.H. - a couple of hours from the White Mountains of N.H. and an hour from Boston - plenty of things to do and see here.
Special Interests:
enjoy music very much (Thank God For It) - I enjoy reading, this summer I will attempt Watercolor Painting (anyone with any helpful hints, let me know). I did many years of 35 MM Photography, even sold cameras for 3 years - now my cameras seem like antiques compared to what's out there today - hopefully someday I will catch up. I do enjoy Science Fiction.
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