PERSONAL PAGE FOR - Robert Bisaillon - 1972
Worked on Wall St. from Sept.72 to Aug. 1995. Then the family moved to Ct. and I was working for the Knights Of Columbus insurance company for two years. Now I am employed by Yale University police dept. as a Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the last 8 1/2 years. Got married in 1980 and am still married to the same girl a BIG 26 years in April. I still make funny sound effects
Playing volleyball in gym. Getting my ass kicked in a football game that Bob Craig hooked up with another high school(can't remember which hs). Doing a part in Mr. Rello's class from the book to Kill a Mockingbird, I think a had a chance at an Oscar,maybe,I could have been a contender!!!!! Ran on the track team,but never medalled. Ithink I drove mr. Hogan NUTS. Also I think I killed Mr. Raasch in geometry, my report card was all RED in his class. I could go on forever.
My wife is great. Her name is Mary. She's my girl for always. Sometimes she drives me looney but that's life.
MaryKate is her name and she is our adopted beauty. We adopted her at 2 days old. She is now 13 1/2 going on 17 and WOW parenting is now a challenge. She plays soccer for the town travel team and is going to try out for the High School team in the fall.
For the full run down. Left DHS. Did absolutly nothing for the summer. Then worked as a runner on Wall st. for 4 months. Got a job with Merrill Lynch for 5 years. Took a break and worked at Belmont racetrack as a hotwalker and groom for a couple trainers. Went back to Wall st. worked for another 5 yrs with Spear Leeds and Kellogg. Then went Back to track and worked at my Uncles liquor store in Manhattan met some celebrities. Roady for a Meat Loaf concert, that was out of sight. Went back to Wall st. for a third time worked for the best company ever Goldman Sachs for 13 years and then said I'm out of Wall st for good. Police dispatching is different but challenging.
Dogs, had fish, about 10 tanks going at once ,now zero. I want a parrot but my wife said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Favorite Teacher:
This is impossible it should say TEACHERS. Mr. Gilgannon,Mrs. Calabro (nice legs),Mr. Rello and even though I failed his class,twice and horridly Mr. Raasch,he was a good guy. I don't blame him, I was and still am dense when it comes to math.
Favorite Song:
TOOOO many!!
Favorite Movie:
Jeremiah Johnson, The Godfather Triolgy,The Quiet Man, Shawshank Redemtion
Favorite Destination(s):
Paris, France
Currently living in:
Madison Ct
Special Interests:
wine,coins,music,craps(at Mohegan Sun)
Glad I found this site. Hope to get in touch with all my old H.S. pals. Hope to go to an Alumni Dinner or Reunion.Please post a message, hope to hear from all you Delhi. Thanks Bob Bisaillon
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