Do you have class lists or can you let us know the size of your Graduating Class?
The class listings are being updated to include additional information. Full Class Listings will be available for any Class which has submitted the Information. I have Class listings for 16 Classes and will be posting them over the next several weeks. If you would like to have a full listing for your year please send them in for posting. A full list of classes and which lists are available, is included on the sample layout page located HERE

There are also categories for recent events, recent photos and memories. I can only post what Alumni send in, so if you want to post some recents news, let me know. The links to these categories will be activated once some postings have been received.

You can send in Class lists by E-mail, regular mail or by fax.
My address details are as follows:

Regular mail:
Don Sweeney
12 Beech Street
P.O. Box 817
Point Lookout, New York 11569

Help us find as many Alumni as we can by sending in details for your class!